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What would happen if your business partner died or was unable to work because of injury or illness?

Share Purchase Insurance:

When a shareholder dies, his/her shares will change hands.  The constitution may allow existing shareholders to exercise an option to purchase under these circumstances.

Whether this option is available or not the surviving shareholders face a dilemma if they do not have the money to fund the purchase.  The family of the deceased shareholder may be looking to liquidate their asset for a fair price or become a new partner.

Life Insurance

How would you like to have your business partner's spouse as a shareholder in the Company?
How much salary would you pay him/her if your Co-shareholder(s) had died?
And what would happen if dividends had to be paid?
Life insurance arranged by the shareholders on each others lives will provide the funds to - 

An appropriate buy and sell agreement will be needed.

Key Person Insurance:

Do you have a person in your company that continued profitability depends upon? What would happen if they died or became disabled?

The Problem -

It is the intelligent use of company assets by employees that earns profits for the company - not the assets themselves.  Your business depends therefore upon certain key people.

Business success depends upon the ability, judgement, leadership, experience, skill, technical knowledge, etc. of the people who put material assets to work.

Have you considered how your business would continue to earn profits without them?


Remember too, that the key person might be you!

The Solution -

Life insurance arranged on the life of your key employee(s), owned by the Company.  This will provide a cash deposit into the business in the event of the death or disablement of a key employee.

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