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Are you or your loved ones completely dependant upon your continued income (for rent, food or mortgage repayments)?

Disability Income Protection Insurance:

Most people’s life is dependant upon their continued income. Imagine being disabled because of illness and not being able to buy food or pay the rent/mortgage.

Income Protection Insurance provides the peace of mind that you will receive up to 75% of your income in the event that you are unable to do your job due to accident or illness. 

There are many options which allow you to make the premium affordable like;

Most contracts offer many other benefits and enhancements that you can add to provide you with a better protection. It is all depends upon your situation. To select the best plan for you contact us to explain the options.

Trauma (Critical Care) Insurance:

Do you need a lump sum of money to help repay a debt or ‘buy time’ in the event of being diagnosed with a critical illness?

Have you thought about how you would manage if you suddenly develop a critical condition? Our improved medical technology means that the chances of surviving a serious illness are much higher. However, that health condition can result in expenses which put extra strain on an already very stressful situation

This contract would pay a lump sum in the event of diagnosis of;

You can be covered for as many as 40 different illnesses.

Total and Permanent Disability:

Do you want a lump sum paid out in the event of being totally and permanently disabled?

This is again a lump sum paid out in the event of being totally and permanently disabled and unlikely to be able to return to work. Again there are several variations on this cover like;

This type of insurance can work well alongside an income protection plan so that you have a lump sum payment and an ongoing income. To make sure that you have the best contract for your needs contact us for a quote and description of the options.

For an obligation free quick quote for income protection trauma or total and permanent disability insurance contact us.