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Some kind words from our happy clients

'Integrity and Insurance don’t often go together, but with Roger you get both'

My wife and I have been using the services of Gannon Insurance Brokers for over a decade now. The personal service has been outstanding and there has never been any pressure to sign up to a particular policy. All the options have been laid out and any questions checked and clarified, so we’ve been able to find the right insurance for us, not just the latest fad!

We have always felt that we are the ones in control of our insurance and Roger has been fantastic at providing exactly what we need, when we need it, with solid advice. Integrity and Insurance don’t often go together, but with Roger you get both. We would highly recommend you discuss your insurance with Roger before signing up for any cover.


'I cannot speak highly enough of Roger’s advice or service'

In 1996, when I was operating my own company, Roger rang to discuss income protection insurance. I had not considered the need for this and Roger set out the potential risks of not being covered which I considered over the next few weeks.

He rang back as arranged and I was happy to accept his advice and signed up for his recommended income protection package.

Six months later I was involved in a serious motor accident and was effectively unable to work for the next two years and although I returned to work my earning ability has been severely reduced in the 10 years since then.

It was then I discovered the wisdom of Roger’s advice. The policy covered 75% of my potential earnings and not just the minimum wage I was paying myself, 80% of which ACC covered. 

In addition the policy included life cover for me and my wife to cover all our personal liabilities, (mortgage etc) and this cover has continued without having to pay the premium.

In effect we, and our children, were both looked after and were able to continue living in the family house.  If I had not had this income protection cover we would have lost the house and had to struggle on a virtual benefit which would have deprived our children of all the opportunities that we had been able to provide before the accident.

As my condition is permanent I have had to call on Roger from time to time to advise on various matters and, although there appears to be no direct financial benefit to him in this advice, he continues to be readily available and of great assistance in all matters asked.

I cannot speak highly enough of Roger’s advice or service and I know it has made all the difference to our family in the loss of my ability to provide financially for them.

Yours faithfully